Laura Hiserote Gallery

"Rite of Passage"

2 "  X 1
approximately 16,394 microtesserae
set in a 22k gold brooch
patent no.  6,103,329

photograph Harold and Erica Van Pelt




"California Poppy"

private collection

approximately 4,040 microtesserae
micromosaic is seven-eighths of an inch, or 2.1 centimeters, in diameter, about the size of an American nickel
 set in an 18K gold broach
patent no.  6,103,329





private collection

approximately 5,537 microtesserae
micromosaic is about one and one-eighth inch, or 2.7 centimeters, in diameter
set in an 18K gold pendant
patent no.  6,103,329


Micromosaic Pendant "Fiesta"
patent no.  6,103,329
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