A descendant of one of the first families from Spain to settle in the city of faith in 1609, Laura Hiserote continues to explore the valuable place traditional arts hold in helping to preserve a culture.   She was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As a child, she spent many hours on the plaza under the portal of the Palace of the Governors where the Native arts and crafts were her introduction into the world of creativity.  The rich organic soil of her current residence, a peaceful little farm near the Columbia River, provides her the opportunity to observe even the smallest of living things.  She is guided by her fascination with the complexity of our ecosystem and the simplicity of the joy in observing it.

Laura has always appreciated the fact that she received formal music training at the age of seven. She loves opera. At 13, she had a role in the Santa Fe Operaís performance of The Magic Flute.  She was the seventh hump of the dragon.  Theatrics aside, she was a serious student of the flute and viola.  At sixteen her musical accomplishments secured her a position with the All American Youth Honor Musicians.  The European tours were the highlight of her teen years.

She continues to use musical terms to describe her life and work. Her years of raising a family were alegre; quick and lively.  After moving to the Northwest, Laura studied metalsmithing at Oregon College of Art and Craft. An overwhelming desire to get more color in her work guided her determination to discover the techniques necessary for creating fine art micromsaics.  Laura is a self-taught glass artist and is credited with reviving the lost fine art of micromosaic.

"Now is the Andante," she states, a movement in moderate time but flowing easily, gracefully like her passion for her micromosaic art. "Aside from my love of family," she states," I canít imagine making anything else my lifeís work."

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